LifeFilez is more than just a company. It is a community of people dedicated to preparing for, enjoying, and sharing life’s most important moments and transitions.

LifeFilez was founded by a group of experienced executives and entrepreneurs who saw the value in being prepared so that the best days can be better and the worst days can be bearable. That preparation, in no small part, involves creating and saving documents we call LifeFilez. And, in contrast to most social media, LifeFilez reside on a secure platform and are shared only with family members and advisors carefully chosen by you. 

What’s important to us is usually documented in some way. It might be a certificate, e.g., birth or marriage. It might be an authorization or identification card, e.g., a driver’s license, insurance card or passport. It might be a collection of documents, records, and logs that help us maintain our health. It might be documents such as a living will that make our wishes clear should we ever be incapacitated. It might be financial or legal documents that spell out our rights and obligations. It could be the photos, videos, and countless other ways we capture cherished memories with family and friends.



Using your laptop, mobile device or smart phone, you have easy and convenient access to life's most important documents. Whether it is midday at your home or office, or midnight on a weekend in the ER, your documents are available. You are able to view, print, email or text the documents. LifeFilez puts these documents at your fingertips wherever you are and whenever you need them.



Security is our number one priority. We use high level security, including encryption, like banks and other financial institutions use for online transactions and healthcare organizations user for medical records. And we are HIPAA compliant. Of course, no one can ever assure 100% security-online or offline. Maybe a bank lockbox is secure, but access is limited, and once a document leaves the vault, security is gone. We believe LifeFilez is as secure as any option available.



While most of us have at least some of these documents, the issue is having them organized so they can be easily and quickly accessed. With LifeFilez, all permission to access individual documents or all the documents, including family members and your attorney, accountant and financial planner as well as the executor of your estate. Also, you can set reminders for when documents need reviewing and possibly updating. Organization has never been as simple or easy.


We invite you to join our LifeFilez community. Let’s work together to Prepare for, Enjoy, and Share life.