Imagine the power of your documentation in one place.

Always up-to date and ready to share.

LifeFilez allows you:


Upload, scan or connect through API to your life Documents

Instant Sharing

Documents are immediately shared with the loved ones and trusted advisors you choose.


Create your own tagging for documents so they are easily searchable.

Version Control

Collaborate on the same version of your documentation without duplication.

LifeFilez aggregates individual documents and data into one place, providing larger insights on how users can be more prepared in the future and empowering users to make better life choices.

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Recent News from LifeFilez

LifeFilez talks with journalist Milt Capps

By |July 29th, 2020|

I recently had the opportunity to discuss LifeFilez with journalist Milt Capps. Milt is the editor of Venture Nashville. It was a privilege to share our story with Milt. Click here to read the feature article Milt wrote about LifeFilez. 

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