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Leverage LifeFilez for Client Workflow Management.

Request the documents you need safely and securely through LifeFilez.

LifeFilez allows you:


Our SaaS platform onboards the consumer to assist in the workflow of our B2B partners.

One Source of Truth

One life document can be used by many family members, advisors and peers.

One Location

All documents are organized in one convenient place with the ability to give family members and trusted advisors access to individual documents, and reminders for when documents need updating.


We leverage blockchain and encryption to secure and provide the documents and integrations to keep them up to date in HIPAA-compliant environments.

Convenient Access

Using a laptop, smart phone, or mobile device, users can access important documents anytime, anywhere.

We’re using a B2B2C/SaaS model. In the model, our customer acquisition costs are low and allow for a network effect. LifeFilez has launched the product to a B2B audience first to gain metrics and rapidly onboard users.

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Life’s Documents at your Fingertips

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