LifeFilez will utilize BurstIQ’s platform to securely and rapidly deploy its SaaS platform to B2B users

DENVER, January 28, 2020 — LifeFilez® LLC, a cloud-based subscription service that empowers people to effectively manage important life documents, has developed a strategic partnership with BurstIQ to further develop the blockchain capabilities of its platform. This partnership will be focused on BurstIQ’s ability to segment data on-chain, which will allow the life planning platform to deliver state-of-the-art security and privacy tiers for document collaboration.

“As we deploy the B2B portal for our platform and onboard additional users, our focus is on securely scaling the platform for cross user collaboration. The blockchain technology that BurstIQ has developed enables us to deploy our system much faster and provides on-chain data management and granular consent-based data sharing,” said Adel ElMessiry, CTM of LifeFilez. “This method for securing and provisioning data access, especially for life documents, has not previously been available and we will be the first life document management service to deploy it.”

BurstIQ, also a Denver based company, provides enterprise-level data platform solutions to large health systems, insurers, digital health companies, and all levels of government: local, state, national and global. The blockchain-based platform uses NIST security standards and is fully compliant with HIPAA and GDPR. The BurstIQ platform is globally recognized as the world’s leading blockchain platform for management and sharing of healthcare data, and the company provides blockchain advisory expertise to the OECD, EU Parliament and the World Economic Forum.

“LifeFilez is addressing a significant market gap,” says Amber Hartley, Chief Corporate Development Officer at BurstIQ. “We know that health systems and payers have been searching for solutions to enable secure and timely sharing of life planning documents, and LifeFilez provides this. We thoroughly enjoy working with the BurstIQ community to discover and foster these mutually beneficial partnerships, and we’re looking forward to supporting LifeFilez on their growth journey.”

About LifeFilez

LifeFilez was founded in 2015 as a platform for capturing, storing, organizing, and accessing life’s important documents and digital content. What distinguishes LifeFilez from document storage options like Dropbox or Google Drive is the guidance provided to help customers prepare for and enjoy life’s moments and events. LifeFilez closes the distance between the modern family so they can better solve problems, provide guidance, make decisions, and ultimately appreciate a lifetime well documented. For more information visit:

About Burst IQ

BurstIQ is the leading provider of blockchain-enabled data network solutions for the healthcare industry. The company’s private, permissioned data network allows health systems, payers, digital health companies, pharma & life science companies and governments to unlock the full potential of health-related data. The platform uses blockchain, Big Data, machine intelligence, and granular data ownership and consent to build longitudinal profiles of people, places, and things and empower the interactions between them. The result is a global, secure data network that allows health systems, payers, digital health companies, pharma & life science companies and governments to collaborate, share, analyze and unlock a deeper understanding of the diverse factors that influence health.