Dr. Adel ElMessiry joins the company as a technical advisor to launch LifeFilez 2.0 along with Firepoint Studios

DENVER, October 9, 2019 — LifeFilez® LLC, a cloud-based subscription service that empowers people to effectively manage important life documents, has partnered with Dr. Adel ElMessiry to further develop blockchain and AI capabilities of its platform. Dr. ElMessiry will assist with leading the strategic business technology vision for LifeFilez, leveraging his expertise in order to deliver a solution that addresses the current issues concerning document storage.

Dr. ElMessiry has successfully taken multiple technology companies from inception to acquisition over the last 20-years.

“We realize how important blockchain and AI technology are to our LifeFilez 2.0 platform and cannot think of a better leader to provide direction and insight,” said Anthony Guglielmo, CTO LifeFilez. “I’m honored to be working alongside Adel to bring a platform to the marketplace that will empower users to manage important documents.”

Guglielmo has built his career managing the implementation of applications for cloud and mobile devices. Together, Dr. ElMessiry and Guglielmo will enhance the LifeFilez platform to be an intelligent real-time document management platform.

The team recently selected Firepoint Studios, located in Denver, Colorado, to build out the UI/UX for the new SaaS platform that will launch in early 2020.

CEO, Beth Krauklis commented on the Firepoint relationship stating that, “prioritizing the usability of the platform from the beginning is important to the longevity of the product. We are creating a life planning platform that allows for collaboration, sharing and privacy.” Firepoint will leverage real users in its UI/UX design in order to create a trusted platform with appropriate usability for its subscribers.

About LifeFilez

LifeFilez was founded in 2015 as a platform for capturing, storing, organizing, and accessing life’s important documents and digital content. What distinguishes LifeFilez from document storage options like Dropbox or Google Drive is the guidance provided to help customers prepare for and enjoy life’s moments and events. LifeFilez closes the distance between the modern family so they can better solve problems, provide guidance, make decisions, and ultimately appreciate a lifetime well documented. For more information visit: www.lifefilez.com.